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On today’s show, “Episode 64: From Frazzled To Free” Coaching Guest Emma Hawes Tayler, busy mum to two, and business owner and active volunteer, joins us on the special coaching episode. Emma, a mum of two small children, was struggling with feeling completely overwhelmed thinking that it was related to having too many projects going on at one time. Emma came on the show as she wanted to find some sort of relief and clarity about what her next step should be to create more breathing space.

Show Notes:

“You know, the year of saying yes. I thought that’s not what I need. I need a year of saying no.”

On the call, Emma was struggling with not having enough time for the amount of projects she had going on. But as the call went on we discovered that her reasoning for taking on the projects was actually what was getting in the way of her having the space she wanted.

We were able to dive into a great discussion about how to set priorities and let go of what is getting in the way of her having the lifestyle she wants. During the last 10 minutes, the conversation took a very unexpected turn as she had a profound realization about why she was saying yes to the projects and taking on all the responsibility for each of them.

Emma’s realization got her to see that she can have the freedom and breathing room in spite of her beliefs and convictions.

If you’re currently struggling with being an overly busy mum with very little time for yourself and want to stop saying yes to everyone else then today’s episode will be a great one for you! Enjoy!

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