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On today’s show, “Episode 65: How To Take The Fear Out of Cancer” Maureen York, cancer survivor and mindset specialist, joins us to discuss how we can take the fear out of cancer, and begin to heal. Maureen is a cancer survivor herself, and now she aims to help others find their strength in the midst of this often scary diagnosis. She gives insight on how if you can understand your mind, you can face anything.

Show Notes:

“I was too ready to just dismiss, but there was something in what was being shared with me that kept me coming back.”

Maureen discusses her own cancer journey on how she found calmness, stillness and a sense of peace throughout the process. She went on to share what can make a a big difference for those who are caring for someone dealing with a cancer diagnosis to make it easier on them. She also confessed that her journey has got her far more in tune with her body and woke her up to the fact that she wasn’t before.

My own takeaways were that

– If you take time to really understand that there is nothing to fear, even in the face of a cancer diagnosis that the fear won’t have the same hold on you.

– We all have the capacity to get quiet and still as that’s our innate state of wellbeing.

– Nothing give us a feeling other than our thinking in the moment.

If you’re currently dealing with cancer, or have a loved on facing this illness, this will be extremely impactful for you and for them. Please share with anyone you know that may be going through this or looking after someone that is. Enjoy x

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