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On today’s show, “Episode 69: Stay Sane Summer Series: How To Stop Drinking To Be A Better Mum”, Celeste Yvonne, successful blogger and IG personality, joins us to give her insight on parenting, and why she chose to stop embracing the mommy wine culture, and become a sober mom and how that changed her relationship with her partner and her family. 

Show Notes:

“I told my mom. I said, Mom I think I’m an alcoholic, and I knew the second I said that I was forever pivoting, that my life would never be the same. When I told her that, I knew my life was going to change forever, because she was going to be my accountability partner.” 

Celeste focuses on all things parenting. Celeste recently admitted to her struggles with alcohol and writes about the mommy wine culture and pressure to self-medicate that almost pulled her under. Celeste is now one year sober and talks with us about her decision to become sober, how she made the change in her life, and what benefits her family has seen because of it.  

We discuss the invisible mental load mums face and how to know when it is time to ask for help from your partner or anyone else that is close to you. Celeste also goes onto explain how using wine as an answer to relax or as a joke or used in memes is making the issue worse and what we need to do about it as a collective.   

We also explore the impact that “mommy wine” memes have on mums, and how they have turned a glass of wine into an addiction and keep it socially acceptable. We even dig into how sobriety helped Celeste find her sense of self and what she found on the other side that she didn’t expect.  

If you’re a mom who is using wine to relax every night as you see it as the answer to the stress or as a way to avoid how you feel but you want to give the best to your family then this episode will be a great one for you.  

 Enjoy x 

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