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In this episode transformation coach Jennie Harland Khan shares her insights into living a life of faith and trust vs one of busy and obligation. She shares how living this way has brought a depth and richness to her life and results that she thought was possible.


“And I think one thing I’ve learned is that a decision is, is just a decision. That’s it. It’s a yes or no. What we make that decision mean is completely made up in our heads.”

What if making decisions could be as easy as breathing? What if you don’t need to spend a lot of time in indecision and listened without fear to find out what’s next?

During this episode Jennie and I talked about making decisions and where the decisions that took her from living in UK to Chamonix to leaving to go to Bali where she now runs retreats both in Bali and Morocco came from.

While listening to her story what I heard was her capacity to have a faith in life and what it has in store for us without the fear of the unknown.

We explored what “being guided” means and how its universal for all of us. Jennie also shared what made the biggest difference to her in terms of fully owning living life from a place of faith and guidance, which comes from the same principles that guide you too.

She also shares what actually stresses us out and how knowing the truth of what does can be really helpful in experiencing a deeper sense of calm and joy in our life, which brings about this unwavering faith in life, which turn makes life simpler and easier to navigate.

We also talked about the power we have as creators to create our lives in the way we want to so that it can be a much more joyous and loving experience.

So, if you in a place of indecision and would love to experience a deeper faith in yourself, in life and what it really has in store for YOU, I would highly recommend listening to this invaluable episode.

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