With Julie Brown & Leanne Mcdonald


On today’s show, “Episode 71: Stay Sane Summer Series: Seeing The Mental Health In Our Children” Julie Brown & Leanne Mcdonald, creators of the My Mental Health Rocks Campaign, join us to discuss the importance of seeing the mental health that exists inside our children. We also focus on how (as parents) we can share the 3 principle understanding with them so that they too can see that they have everything they need to thrive and be happy.

Show Notes:

“If we can go in and help children understand how they are experiencing life and take the fear out of those emotions that they are going through, it has a positive impact on the environment.”
The most common answer to changing a child’s behaviour is to focus on the behaviour and change that without taking into consideration the thinking that drives it. There is a lack of education for young children and how their state of mind works, and Julie Brown and Leanne McDonald are on a mission to change that.
Today we we discuss the My Mental Health Rocks Campaign which they are going to role out throughout the UK and why it’s the answer to bringing up happy and whole individuals.
We also discussed great ways for parents to connect with their children when they have a disruptive outburst, and how to parent from a place of connection versus focusing on the bad behaviour.
If you’re a mum who’s struggling with your child’s “unhelpful” behaviour and they keep acting out, this episode will not only help you to connect and understand them more deeply, but it will also give you the answer to how they can channel their energy more constructively.

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