with Cassie Everett


On today’s show, “Episode 73: The Fertility Miracle” Cassie Everett, homeopathic healer and 3 principle practitioner joins us to discuss how she has found a way to help clients get pregnant naturally so that the journey to fertility is an enjoyable and magical one.

Show Notes:

“Fertility is such an emotive difficult topic for so many people because it’s often kept a secret.”

Cassie found homeopathic medicine on her own personal journey, and it changed her life. As she began to practice homeopathy, she saw the value that it could have for women and their issues surrounding hormones. 

Once Cassie found the three principals, she was able to combine these two areas to create a very focused and special practice so that women can have a choice of getting pregnant naturally without the stress. 

Cassie aims to help women understand fertility and use natural approaches to help women who are struggling and who feel alone.

If you’re a mum, or a woman who wants to become a mum, who is fed up of the usual way and is looking for an alternative or is struggling and feeling alone, then this will be a great episode for you! Enjoy 

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