with Rita Shuford


On today’s show, “Episode 74: How to Embrace Uncertainty” Rita Shuford, licensed psychologist and certified practitioner of the 3 principals, joins us to discuss how we can embrace uncertainty, and find the freedom in the unknown around us.

Show Notes:

“I was interested in understanding myself as well as others, and what it takes to be happy, to have peace of mind.”

On today’s show we have the amazing Rita Shuford. Rita spent a large part of her life knowing the truth was out there, but struggled to find it. This truth inside her lead her to discover The 3 Principles behind life, which transformed her approach to her career.

During our time together, She shared her own personal stories and examples of how embracing the uncertainty and letting go of control can really be a beautiful thing for our lives. In fact, if we want to find answers to our challenges this is the only way to live. If we can just relax, without having to figure it all out, the answers just come to us effortlessly.

If you’re struggling with fear, self-doubt and trying to embrace uncertainty or are in a transition point in your life and you are looking for answers, then this will be a great episode for you, enjoy!

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