with Emma Learman & Kate Eversole


On today’s show, “Episode 75: The Magic of Being” Emma Learman & Kate Eversole, creators of Being Fest, join us to discuss their journey of motherhood, why they created Being Fest, and why mums need to take time for their wellbeing during pregnancy and beyond.

Show Notes:

“We happened to get pregnant within 3 weeks of each other, so we’ve had someone going through this journey with us, but we realized we use google so often while being pregnant. We created this event with experts so we could ask them the questions we’ve been googling.”

Emma & Kate have created Being Fest in order to highlight the journey of pregnancy and motherhood, and provide valuable insights for mothers, and mothers-to-be about self-care and wellness during the whole process. Both Emma & Kate came from demanding careers, and though they got pregnant at the same time, they had so many questions and worries.

These wonderful women then created Being Fest to bring together mums and experts for women (during and after pregnancy) to get their questions answered so they can have their fears put at ease. We discuss the importance of having support and community during pregnancy and motherhood, and how to connect.

If you’re a mum or a mum go be and you are looking for support around your motherhood journey, then this will be a great episode for you! Enjoy!

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Emma & Kate have offered listeners a 20% discount. Use code: thejoyofbeing when prompted at www.beingfest.com

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