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On today’s show, “Episode 75: From Uncertainty To Clarity” Coaching Guest Lucy Bainbridge, mum and business owner, joins us on the special coaching episode. Lucy joined us because she was worried that she was potentially drinking too much. Throughout the conversation, Lucy actually got clarity on what the real issue was, how to deal with those constant thoughts and feelings of worry and anxiety and moved out of a place of uncertainty and into flow with her decision.

Show Notes:

Sometimes I’m live and let live with drinking, and other times I get so serious that I think I should go to an AA meeting. It’s that back and forth, back and forth. 

Lucy Bainbridge is a friend and an amazing mum to George who runs her own business helping entrepreneurs and coaches get their message out through Facebook and Instagram ads.

She came to this coaching special in the hope she would to get clarity on whether she should quit the wine or just cut back because she doesn’t like the way she feels the next day.

During the session, we explored why Lucy feels the need to drink. As we dug around we discovered that she had been putting a lot of pressure on herself to grow the business, instead of just enjoying the time she has with her 1 year old son.

Towards the end of the conversation Lucy went really quiet as she realized that the pressure she was putting on herself to make a final decision around the drinking is actually what was causing her upset in the first place. The minute she saw that she didn’t need to figure it out, she got the clarity she needed about her next steps.

Since the episode, Lucy has shared that since this powerful session she has experienced sustainable relief from the worry and anxiety.

If you’re a mum who’s concerned about your drinking, beats herself up about it or is just trying to find a good balance to the amount you drink then this will be a great episode for you! Enjoy!

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