with Chip Chipman


On today’s show, “Episode 78: The Secret To Healthy Relationships Part 1” Chip Chipman, co-founder of the Vantage Consulting Group, joins us to discuss our relationships, and how we can turn difficult relationships into healthy ones.  

Show Notes:

can’t tell anybody exactly what we changed. We stopped arguing, we started having more fun, we enjoyed each other’s company. It just changed.” 

Are you curious about what creates happy, long lasting relationships?   

On today’s episode Chip Chipman shares his magical and inspiring story from how he was on the verge of divorce to living a happy and healthy relationship for the last 45 years.  

He also shares his powerful and extraordinary story of how he and his dying father transformed years of hatred and resentment into one of love and understanding.  

If you are going through a tough time in your intimate relationship or have a difficult relationship with your parents or are just curious as to what the specific ingredients are to being in healthy and happy ones, then this is going to be an amazing episode for you.  


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