with Ian Watson


On today’s show, “Episode 80: How To Manifest Anything You Want” Ian Watson, speaker and wellness practitioner, joins us to discuss how the process of Manifestation works, and how we can call what we want into our lives. 

Show Notes:

When we get clear, and we have an intention for something in our life, it increases the likelihood of it happening. 

Ian has been working in the wellbeing space since 1998 and has helped thousands of people and today he joins us to discuss manifesting.  

We dive into what manifesting is, and what we need to bring in the things and people we want into our lives.  

We also discuss how the usual ideas of manifesting are outdated and how the new ground breaking way of viewing it, facilitates the process.  

We look deeper into what manifestation is, and how we can harness the power we have to make our dreams come true.  

If you’re curious about manifesting; if what works, what doesn’t and how to make sure it does, then this will be a great episode for you! Enjoy! 

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