with Anke Herrmann


On today’s show, “Episode 82: How To Ditch Your People Pleaser” Anke Herrmann, passion business coach & podcaster, joins us to discuss people pleasing, both as business owners and mothers. We discuss how this urge to please can ruin our businesses, and lead to burnout. 

Show Notes:

People pleasing almost got me to turn in my business, it brought me to the edge of burnout. 

On today´s show Anke Herrmann shares how she went from making and selling flamenco dresses, to building her own powerhouse online brand as a passion coach to help people find their passion and turn it into a roaring success.   

During our time together we explored the many pitfalls that people pleasing can have and how this urge to do so is extremely prevalent in women. Anke shared her own story about how her people pleasing tendencies got in the way of growing her business and her physical health.   

The moment that changed everything was when she discovered the joy of firm boundaries, and seeing beyond her resentment of her clients.  

If you’re a mum or business owner who’s dealing with the urge to always please those around you and it is taking a toll on your own happiness, results and health then this will be a great episode for you! Enjoy! 

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