with Dr. Bill Pettit


On today’s show, “Episode 83: The One Answer To All Mental & Physical Wellbeing” Dr Bill Pettit, life long psychiatrist and sharer of the Three Principles, joins us to discuss what can help us find the one answer to mental and physical wellbeing in our lives. 

Show Notes:

It’s one thing to be a believer, and it’s another thing to be a listener. 

Over the course of Dr. Bill Pettit’s life he struggled with depression and anxiety, until he discovered a new awareness, and learned of the Three Principles which significantly changed the course of his life and that of his clients.   

In this conversation, we discuss our own personal “starter kit”, and how we can find a way to realize that there is only one cause and one cure for mental and physical wellbeing.   

During our profound and life changing conversation about suicide, depression, and anxiety, he read a beautiful poem from his late wife.  

On reading it, it gave me a lot of hope for us as a human race and left peace in my heart.   

If you’re someone struggling with your mental health or chronic illness, and are looking for answers then this episode will be a great one for you! Enjoy! 

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