with Mandy Lehto


On today’s show, “Episode 85: Lighthearted Success: From Striving To Thriving” Mandy Lehto, coach, speaker, writer, and champion of high achievers, joins us to discuss how we shift from just surviving to thriving and feeling lighthearted at the same time. 

Show Notes:

We get caught up in that, will show you; I will be good enough. I will be worthy. It’s a battle that you can never win. 

On today’s show Mandy joins us to discuss perfectionism, and how it’s connected to achieving. 

So many mums strive to be perfect, which drains their happiness.

If you drive your life with a different engine, and find how to relax in the very way you work towards what you want you can enjoy the process instead of white knuckling it!

Holding success lightly is dance of sorts, and can be done with grace and love as opposed burning ourselves out. 

We discuss how letting go can feel like you are cutting away a part of you. Nevertheless, although it may look like your identity is tied up in what you do, or how you parent, it’s not. 

If you’re a mum who’s tired of struggling to be perfect, and want to stop striving for a good life, and start thriving and appreciating the one you are in, then this will be a great episode for you! Enjoy! 

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