with Wendy Griffith


On today’s show, “Episode 87: How To Thrive With The Juggle Of Family And Work” Wendy Griiffith, successful business owner and mum joins us to discuss how she catapulted herself into a health and lifestyle business, while thriving in the juggle of work, health and motherhood while she builds it.  

Show Notes:

“It’s not about putting on this perfect show, it’s about being real and being you.”  


Wendy had the traditional career journey, she worked herself up in her career and at 29, she realized she didn’t want to be a corporate marketing manager for the rest of her life.  

Meeting with one of her mentors, she realized she could use network marketing to start a plan B to get out of her corporate job.  

We discuss the struggle of entrepreneurship and motherhood and how it’s possible to create and build a business that supports your lifestyle and health.  

Wendy shares her journey to health to find relief from her chronic illness while being a busy mum and business owner.  

If you’re a mum and business owner who struggles with stress, the juggle or has a chronic illness and feels like she is heading for burnout but you want to thrive, then this will be a great episode for you! Enjoy! 

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