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On today’s show, “Episode 88: Xmas Rant: Reflections of My Transatlantic Co-Parenting Journey” Marina Pearson, host of The Joy of Being, has a solo episode today to discuss her insights into her transatlantic co-parenting journey. 

Show Notes:

When it comes to creating a bond with anyone, that’s time, effort and love put in.” 

On this week´s episode, we’re doing something slightly different. Marina, podcast host, coach and mum goes solo this week to share her insights into what its really like to co-parent her 5 year son between Austin Texas USA and Javea, Spain where she lives. 

During this rant Marina shares her views on why its super important for us as a society to put our kids first beyond our egos and how it ss not always true that the children should live with their mums and that children also need their dads too. If dads want to get involved, why shouldn’t they be? 

She also discusses how the power of love and peace has transformed her relationship to her ex-husband and how they have gone from fighting all the time to now visiting each other´s homes. She describes what has worked and what hasn’t done and shares her take on difficult relationships and how they can transform into dynamics that that are generative. 

If you’re a mum dealing with (ex) parenting headaches, or you just want to hear more about how to transform your difficult ex relationships into something healthier, then this will be an amazing episode for you! Enjoy! 

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