with Emma Burns


On today’s show, “Episode 89: From Fear To Freedom” Coaching Guest Emma Burns, a complementary therapist and founder of Soulfully You, that helps people be who they were born to be, joins us on the special coaching episode. Emma joined us because she was struggling with her business goals, and her worries about being a provider for her family, and how to ensure that everything works out.

Show Notes:

I’ve felt a little bit lost lately, and I’m not feeling quite sure. I’ve felt guilty in my role as a mother, and as a wife. 

Emma is a complementary therapist and founder of Soulfully that helps people be who they were born to be and helps raise money for mums in disadvantaged areas.

She joins us today to discuss how she was feeling, both about her career, her parents, and her role as a mum and provider for her family.

We discussed these details with her so that she could find space and clarity to realize the answers.

During our time together she had some big realizations and the biggest one being that she actually has all the answers she seeks inside of her.

If you’re a mum who’s concerned about your business, or just worry about being the main provider, then this will be an amazing episode for you.


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