with Rohini Ross


On today’s show, “Episode 90: The Deep Intimacy Formula” Rohini Ross, therapist, author and public speaker, joins us to discuss relationships, and the intimacy in our relationships and forming that deep connection.

Show Notes:

“Their partner or their circumstance is not responsible for their current struggle. We want couples to have freedom to connect with love and joy and their inner value and worth.”

Rohini has a background in spiritual psychology, and therapy, and she joins us today to bring us into the new year with insight into our relationships, and those relationships that we are hoping to create or improve.

We discuss how to strengthen our relationship, and to create deep intimacy from a place of effortlessness and ease and how The Three Principals impact our relationships.

Rohini found that this understand actually impacted, not only her therapy work, but also changed the level of trust and intimacy that she shared with her husband, while she wasn’t even looking. Now she works with her husband to work with couples to build a deeper connection with their own experience.

We also discuss how when we shift our mindset, we can make our relationships more fun, easier, and beginning to connect much deeper then thought possible.

If you’re a mum who’s having issues in your intimate relationship, or looking to just deepen or strengthen that relationship, this will be a great episode for you! Enjoy!

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