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On today’s show, “Episode 91: Just Because vs. Because Of” Marina Pearson, creator of The Joy of Being, joins us to discuss the difference between the life changing difference when we experience our feelings from a place of “Just Because” vs “Because of”.

Show Notes:

“When we understand that our feeling of security and wellbeing lie inside of us…Life becomes so much easier to navigate and it becomes an easier ride in terms of the joy of being.”

Today, we are doing a shortened solo show in the hope that you are able to sit down and listen to the full episode in one sitting 😉

In this episode Marina shares why when we share we are feeling something JUST BECAUSE versus BECAUSE OF we can tell whether we are living in a false logic of how life works.

When we give creative reasons to why we feel the way we do, we can see that we are living in the false logic of how life works. However when we feel something just because this is when we know we are experiencing life from inside the logic. This helps our wellbeing enormously as we can see that nothing or no one can rob us if a good feeling or give us a bad one. The implication of this is that we are free.

This is enormously helpful when we are making decisions and want to know which one is right or wrong.

If you feel like the victim to your own circumstances of other people and you want to know how to free yourself from this, then this is going to be an amazing episode for you, enjoy!

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