with Juliette Bryant


On today’s show, “Episode 93: How To Thrive With Simple Superfood Suggestions” Juliette Bryant, author and nutritional consultant, joins us to discuss how we can make simple shifts to incorporate superfoods into our lives for our health. 

Show Notes:

People can see that healthy food can be delicious, and medicinal food can taste wonderful and make you feel good. 

Juliette is an author, chef, nutritional consultant who teaches people about how to incorporate and live a healthy lifestyle through courses and education.  

Today, we discussed the impact of superfoods on our life, our health, and the journey Juliette went on because of her mother’s illness and death.   

We also discuss the impact that our food has on our energy, vitality, mind and life.  

Juliette spoke about the importance of vibrational strands and the importance of having them in alignment and how superfoods and a healthy diet are the answer.  

If you’re a mum who’s looking to learn more about superfoods, get more serious about your health and feel better, then this will be a great episode for you! Enjoy! 

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