with Michele Attias


On today’s show, “Episode 95: How To Stop Seeking To Start Living” Michele Attias, Mindset Expert, Coach, International Speaker and Author, joins us to discuss how we can stop seeking in our lives and to truly start living it.

Show Notes:

It’s about loving what you do and having clarity about what’s important to you.  

Michele joins us to share her story, and her thoughts around the myth of “finding our purpose.”

She helps her clients optimize their mindset so they can become a better decision maker and action taker without the stress, anxiety, overwhelm and burnout.

We discuss the myth in our current society about the importance of finding your purpose. Michele discusses how often people are searching for their purpose and when they struggle to find it, feel lost.

And yet that’s not how it used to be. People just did what they loved, and that was enough. We also explored how this generation feels like they are missing out because they don’t know their purpose and feel that they cannot be okay with their lives until they find it.

Finally, we discuss the fact that when we keep searching, and look outside ourselves, we stop living the life we’re supposed to. We lose touch with the peace, wisdom, and love that we innately have inside that helps us navigate life with more ease and pleasure.

If you’re a mum constantly attending seminars, searching for your purpose, looking outside to find that thing that will complete your life, and want answers, then this will be a great episode for you! Enjoy!

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