with Nicole Barton


On today’s show, “Episode 96: Beyond Chronic Fatigue: Listening To Your Body’s Wisdom” Nicole Barton, Life Mentor, Speaker and Writer, joins us to discuss chronic fatigue and how our bodies are designed to communicate with us so that we listen.

Show Notes:

“The self-help industry can set us up to be perfect, instead of seeing that we’re human.”

Nicole shares her story about chronic fatigue and how she now sees it as a blessing as she had to change her fast paced life for one that was slow.

As started to listen to her body she realized that her condition was her body’s way of saying “STOP!”

We explore the idea that our bodies that any condition we manifest is a symptom of our state of mind.

Counter to most thinking, which focuses on the chronic condition being a problem and something to be scared of, we talk about how the manifestation of an illness is health.

It’s the body’s way of communicating that we need to change and in this case slow down and listening to our own wisdom.

If you’re a mum who struggles with chronic fatigue (or you know someone that does) or any other chronic illness and want to find answers, then this will be a great episode for you!


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