with Liz Scott


On today’s show, “Episode 98: Rethinking Resilience: The Truth About Who We Really Are” Liz Scott, one of founders of Inner Compass, joins us for a fascinating conversation about resilience, to explore what resilience means and how we already are it, even if we don’t truly know it yet.

Show Notes:

“Resilience was part of my phycological DNA. I don’t need to chase resilience, I am resilience. It’s part of who I am.”

Liz has been working on programs to help people for many years, namely young adults and teenagers to help them. We discuss her new project of supporting those who support others to see that those they help are resilient and the implications of this.

In this episode, we discuss the power of resilience, and how it’s not something we have to build, but something we are already because we are made of it. We are more powerful than we realize and have the capacity to we can bounce back from whatever we have gone through.

If you’re a mum who doesn’t feel powerful and wish she did or would love to see the resilience in your children/child, then this is going to be an amazing episode for you! Enjoy!

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