with Marnix Pauwels


On today’s show, “Episode 99: A Lighthearted Approach To Addiction” Marnix Pauwels, speaker, coach and writer, joins us to discuss addiction in a lighthearted and respectful way to bring about hope for those struggling.

Show Notes:

“An addiction is just a shortcut that gets out of hand.”

Marnix struggled with addiction and after he discovered a new way of seeing the world he left this way of living behind him.

As someone who has also had a story with addiction we were able to share our personal journeys, and how they impacted our lives.

We also decided to challenge myths about addiction, which are doing more harm than good to not only bring more of the truth to light, but to free those that are living with them.

Marnix gives insight into how his understanding of life can shape the way for a more helpful and lighthearted approach to addiction recovery.

If you are someone who struggles with addiction, or you have someone in your life that struggles with it and you’re looking for answers, then this will be a great episode for you! Enjoy!

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