EPISODE 19 -Guilt Free Self Care for Time Poor Mums

by Sara Dean | with Marina Pearson


On today’s episode, ‘Guilt Free Self Care for Time Poor Mums’, Sara Dean joins us to talk about how we can live bigger, bolder lives every day no matter how little time we feel we have. 

Sara is the creator and host of ‘The Shameless Mom Podcast’, which is now approaching one million downloads! She has a background in psychology, health and wellness and when she found herself facing an identity crisis of her own following the birth of her son, she used her knowledge and experience to reinvent herself in the most inspiring way.  


“One of the things that I am acutely aware of is making sure that I have a strong sense of identity, so that when my son no longer needs me, I still know who I am and I have built a life that I love.” 

Are you a mum who struggles to put yourself first? Do you feel as though you don’t have time to take care of yourself because you’re so busy taking care of others? You are definitely not alone, this episode offers insight into all the beautiful and brutal aspects of motherhood. 

Sara’s mission is to help other women and mothers live bigger, bolder lives, of more joy and less shame #EveryDamnDay and through today’s episode she discusses her experiences as a mum and business owner, we talk about boundaries, radical self-care, and the steps needed to embrace your power and needs as an individual, while still taking care of those you love. 

If you’re seeking ways to empower yourself, if you’re ready to live a bolder, more joyful life, this is definitely the episode for you! 


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