I used too, like many of my clients chased success formulas. I would go from seminar to seminar, taking notes on what the speakers did to create their multi-million pound businesses and think that THEIR way was THE way.

Only to realize a few years ago, that there is only one way, to run and build your business successfully – your way.

Everyone that is seen to be successful in business, found their way to do it through insight. Perhaps the mistake that we have made is to take on their insights as our own and think that their way is the way we need to do things, when its not.

There are many ways to build and nurture your business to success, as there are many ways to bring up your children.

There is a unique path for you to follow and that path is unique to you because of your amazing gifts and your own insights that will show you the way.

In fact what I realised all those years ago is that the more I gave my power away to the experts, the less I was listening to myself.

There is massive value in having mentors and coaches to help and guide you towards your perceptive destination of choice, which is why I do what I do and have my own. But I have also realised that listening to what makes sense to you in what they are saying is the key to hearing what is right for youand your

When you hear truth being spoken, that is your truth telling you that what you have heard you need to listen to. That what you have heard is for you.

Follow your steps as these are the steps that only matter.

What did you hear in this blog? Did truth speak to you?

How would you like to hear more of your own truth speak to you so you can follow your own pathway to success?

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To your increasing feeling of effortlessness

Marina x