Do you find that some days you don’t feel like doing something and the next day you are full swing with it?

Some days you feel that that very thing you loved, you now couldn’t even possibly do and don’t do it?

Well I was reflecting on this recently and brought it up in a conversation with a mentor of mine and I asked him about consistency and what he thought about that. You see, recently I haven’t been writing my blog and the wish to write has stopped. I have let my feelings of  “I don’t feel inspired to” get in the way of my actions. So I have bought into these feelings and let them dictate my actions, which I realized probably wasn’t the best course of action.

Imagine listening to your feelings to dictate your actions every moment of the day. How often do they change? Well, as far as I can tell, they change from moment to moment to moment and I probably wouldn’t be able to get anything done!

I realized that I was using inspiration as a guide to do something or not. So if I didn’t feel inspired I wouldn’t write. I was kinda caught up in the whole – “Once I feel inspired to write, then I will do so!”

However, what I have realized is, is that once you start, then you give inspiration a chance to show up. So that is why I have started to take action on this again. In fact, I just started to make a list of all the subject headings I wanted write about over the next 6 months and as if by magic, they all flowed out of me!

I also realized that by being consistent in our communication it instils trust in our potential clients and clients. Imagine for a moment you go to one of your favourite shops and they are sometimes open and sometimes not, but you never quite know when it might happen.

Would you at some point run out of steam and just stop going because you cannot trust whether its open or not? “So, what’s the point?”

So the question I have for you today is where are you letting your feelings dictate your actions in your business? The clue might be in where you see the inconsistencies!


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