EPISODE 8 - Mamoon Yusuf - Why You Don't Need Rituals To Be Happy

with Marina Pearson


Do you really need rituals, especially spiritual ones to make you happy? In this podcast I explore this question with best-selling author of the book The Soul of Islam, coach and friend Mamoon Yusaf


Sydney banks, I quote in this book quite a bit. He says, all mental illnesses or mental sicknesses come from putting our feelings onto objects, but if you can see the objects without the feelings, then you’re mentally, psychologically, spiritually healthy, and that took a lot for me.”

On todays show Mamoon and I debunk the myth of needing to have rituals every day to feel good. myth of needing to have rituals every day to feel good. As a coach who works with individuals to deepen their faith with life he has seen that if you want to experience a deeper connection with life its important to know the fundamental truths about where your experience of life is coming from.

We talk about the difference between imposing meditation on yourself to get a quiet mind vs the state of meditation which can come about on its own when you are out walking the dog or doing the dishes.

We also discussed how insights work, where they come from and why they are the most powerful way to upgrade your life and experience a richer, deeper experience of it.

Mamoon uses his knowledge of religion to have us see that all religion speaks of the same thing but in a different way which points us back to the oneness vs separation. He also shares that the amount of hours put into spiritual practice do not equate to the extent of the reward. You may well be blessed with insight even if you don’t think you deserve it.

So if you do you have daily rituals that have become more of a chore than a joy and you want to know how to get more out of them to be more connected to your wisdom and joy of life more of the time then by all means tune in!

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