with Ann Wilson


On today’s show, “Episode 103: CORONAVIRUS SERIES: The 5Cs To Protecting Your Money” Ann Wilson, The Wealth Chef, joins us to discuss our money. Many people are worried about the future of their money, and how to handle the current situation and I wanted to have a conversation that would speak to that.

Show Notes:

“What we each have control of right now is consumption. What is the cost of our everyday life?”

Ann Wilson joins us again today, as we discuss the markets and our personal finances during this CORONAVIRUS time.

We also take time to discuss what the 5 Cs are and why it’s so important to implement them during this time if we want to thrive beyond the pandemic.

We discuss what you can do at home, to release the worry you may have about your money situation so that you focus on what is in your control.

Ann shares what you must do during this time so as not to lose out on this once in a life time opportunity to invest, consolidate and consume less in such unprecedented times so as to benefit from the current situation.

If you’re a someone who’s struggling financially, has seen a drop in your income, know it’s time to invest in the markets but is scared to do so, and would love some guidance in this time of uncertainty, then this will be a great episode for you! Enjoy!

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  • Click here for your personal roadmap to kickstart your financial freedom: ly/financiallyfree2


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