by Deri Llewellyn Davies | with Marina Pearson


On today’s episode, ‘How To Live A Life Of No Regrets’, Deri Llewellyn-Davies joins us to discuss strategy vs. tactics and how we can all work to live lives of more adventure and less regret.   

Deri is the Founder of BGI and Creator of “Strategy on a page”, A best selling author, international speaker, global adventurer and a dad. Deri believes in decisive action and refuses to be held back by over-thinking and fear, he doesn’t believe there’s a ‘one-size fits all’ key to success and he champions individual thinking. 


“Living a life of no regrets is not the easy life… Are you sure you’re ready for that?” 

Do you find it difficult to make decisions? Do you struggle with overwhelming fear and a lack of focus in life? You might be surprised by just how common those feelings are! Join Deri and I as we talk about making courageous decisions in life and business and share our insights into the world of tactics, strategy and regret. 

Deri discusses his experiences, and how he has been able to give regrets the finger to create a life and business which brings him more joy. We talk about the importance of prioritising, focusing and making a changes, and with his ‘no nonsense’ approach, Deri sheds light on the lie of the ‘life hack’ and the problems with quick-fix solutions. 

So if you’re looking for sustainable change, if you’re struggling with too much thinking and not enough doing, this is definitely the episode for you! 


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