Do you have a business or a job?

Can you step away from your business and have it run on its own? Do you have to be there for it to function properly? If so, you still have a job. Now there is nothing wrong with that. There really isn´t.

Now if you are reading this and you have a team, and processes in place – wonderful! Most of the people who do, seem like they are running a business but sometimes when we dig a bit more deeply, we see that they are still running their business like a sole-trader as they are still doing the same job that they were doing when they got into the business – which they are really good at, but they have delegated more of the same jobs to others.

One of my clients, Joanne found herself in this position. She owns an accountancy firm that generates over 150k a year and has a small team. When I met with her she was frazzled and she wanted out. When we looked a bit more deeply we realised that she was still doing the same job she had been doing since she started the business. When she rallied that what she wanted to do is to become a virtual FD for her clients and add more value in that area, you got super excited.

A lot of the time it may look like the business is the problem, but actually what I have found that its usually a role issue. What if you could get clarity right from the outset as to the role you would love to play? And you may not be able to play that right now, but worth thinking about right? Worth aiming for right? What is your zone of genius? Where would you love to spend more of your time?

If you are in the day to day of the business is really difficult to oversee it. And there is nothing wrong with that but why not get honest with where you are so you can take the steps forward to create the ideal?


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