All too often I see mothers start businesses because they want to contribute financially to their family and do something that inspires them to get rewarded financially for it.

But as time goes by they get more and more stressed and seem to have less and less hours to do all the things they thought they would have time for, when they had a business that could leverage their time.

Sound familiar?

If it does, then read on.

IN short.

What you really thought you would love to do now turns into long stressful days and long working hours, taking you away from the love and inspiration you wanted to experience, which is why you started the business in the first place.

But why is it that you have stopped experiencing your business in the way you wanted to?


You are taking your business too seriously! Your experience of stress and anxiety cannot be created by your lack of time or the amount of work you have, as some entrepreneurs and freelancers thrive when met with these sorts of situations.

So it’s not the situations that stop you from loving what you do. It’s the reaction to the very thoughts that you are having that will have you fall out of inspiration and joy into stress and seriousness!

It was only today, that I realised that if I had not taken my thoughts so  seriously back in my early twenties that I would have not been depressed.

It’s when you start taking your thoughts seriously and think that your feelings of stress are coming from your circumstances and people, falling out of love with what you do can easily happen.

Your experience will only ever come from your reaction to thought in the moment.

By seeing this insightfully is enough.

So how can you see this for yourself? The best way I know how is to immerse yourself in the principles behind effortless living, which you can do here if you fancy.

To your increasing feeling of effortlessness

All my love,

Marina x

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