EPISODE 16 - How Mums Can Find Simple Ways To Connect With Nature For A More Joyful Life

by Tabitha Jayne | with Marina Pearson


On today’s episode, ‘Easy Ways to Connect With Nature For a More Joyful Life’, Tabitha Jane joins us to discuss nature connected wellbeing; specifically how we can decrease our stress levels by learning from nature to slow down and experience more joy. What I love about Tabitha is her passion for nature and the connection she has made between our wellbeing and spending more time in natural environments.

Tabitha is an applied psychologist, coach, author and consultant as well as the founder of Earth Self: an organisation that specialises in developing nature connected wellbeing and performance leadership coaching for sustainable success.

Show Notes

“You get your best ideas when you’re not worrying about what’s going on in your daily life and your mind quietens down. That’s when you can access your insight and your intuition on a far, far deeper level, so you do get your best ideas out in nature.”

Do you struggle to find time to get out in to nature? Do you feel as though living in a big city cuts you off from nature? Tabitha talks about how we can find natural spaces and a connection to natural power wherever we are in the world, and why this should be a priority when we are busy and stressed.

Through her experiences, Tabitha discusses how she has been able to help others embrace the immense power of nature to find more joy, calm and balance. We talk about how you can benefit by swapping time out of your hectic schedule with quality time in nature. Whether it is alone, with our family or loved ones, we discuss how it can increase our productivity whilst saving us time.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? A bit frazzled? In need of a break? This episode could prove hugely refreshing for you!


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