The Effortless Lifestyle Program


Your 9 month journey to create an
effortless lifestyle that gets results.

Imagine life where stress no longer resides – where self-judgement, money, relationships and not being successful are no longer an issue.

A life that allows you to manifest the results you want EFFORTLESSLY, full of peace and joy to live life on your own terms vs. feeling that you are at the mercy of all which life demands of you.

Well its possible!

The key to creating an Effortless Lifestyle for yourself is closer than you think. Which is why i created the Effortless Lifestyle Program, so that you can finally let go of your struggle and stress and live life on your own terms.What Are the Results You Might Expect ?

  • Let go of the attachments that are currently keeping you stuck and stressed to finally create the results and abundance that you are looking for.
  • Experience a deeper and richer experience of life so that it becomes a magical journey.
  • Manifest what you want as you are guided by wisdom versus insecurity.
  • Live from grace, where peace and stillness resides to be who you truly are vs. the roles you play to experience true freedom.

The Journey

This 9 month journey will give birth to you’re the lifestyle of your dreams EFFORTLESSLY. The intention of the program is for you to get clarity of what your effortless lifestyle looks like and then to create it so that you can go live it!

You Facilitator

I (Marina Pearson) will be your facilitator during your Effortless Lifestyle Journey where we meet 3 times a month as a group and once every 3 months for your 60 minute laser-like coaching session. I am the number one best selling author of the international award winning book Goodbye Mr Ex and for the last 3 years I have been working to transform Stress into an Effortless Lifestyle. I am a Ted Speaker and was nominated for The Best Relationship Coach of the Year Award. I have also been featured in Marie Claire, Best, Top Sante, NOW, The Guardian,
The Daily Mail. SKY, Fox News and The Huffington Post.

Who is this Journey for ?

Souls who want to:

  • Let go of struggle and stress to manifest their results effortlessly
  • Make a difference in the world but who know they are not fulfilling their fullest potential
  • Live life on their own terms to create time and financial freedom
  • Let go of self doubt, judgment and fall in love with themselves to finally feel at peace and free.

What some of my clients have experience already

Before the doing the Effortless Lifestyle Program I was going through continuous overwhelm and unable to feel the inner peace that I so longed for. During my journey, I made subtle shifts in my thinking, freeing me from getting stuck in my head so as to think without constraints. The acceptance that I am already who and what I want to be and that I am only a thought away from my inner peace has been game-changing. Not only do I spend a lot more of my time feeling at peace, which has given me a huge amount of freedom, but I have also changed the way I am going to approach my work with young people around emotional wellbeing too. Thanks Marina..

The Effortless Lifestyle Program has been amazing. I have gone from “When I achieve x, I will receive y” which had me stuck in a fruitless loop for 10 years. This has lead from not making any money in my business with no leverage, to becoming a Guinness World Record holder, creating some incredible fruitful contacts, flying business class to beautiful places around the world while spending time with close family and friends. For the first time I am at peace with my thoughts a large percentage of time and that percentage grew with every Effortless Lifestyle call. During the calls, I realised I wasn’t taking enough action and then I got stuck on what action I should be taking. However, working through this with Marina, making a plan and knowing that I can trust my wisdom has made all the difference. Thank you Marina. .

Before going on the effortless living program, I was struggling in a place of self doubt most of the time and would beat myself a lot about not being where I thought I would be at my age. However over the last 9 months I have gone from doubt to certainty and know that I can manifest what I want effortlessly. To live effortlessly takes courage and I am so grateful this opportunity came my way

Whats Included?

Your core journey that lasts 9 months, comprises 3 calls a month
(Q&A, themed and an interview with some big names in the field of mind, consciousness & thought.) as well as, 3 live weekends. A big part of the excitement about this program is that it’s unlike anything out there. Usually, you are given to do lists, and more work. However, I take the view that less is more. This revolutionary subtractive model focuses on taking work away, to get better results so you experience joy along the way.

Summary of Details

  • 3 weekend live events
  • 3 monthly evening calls (Q&A, Themed, Interview with experts)
  • 3 laser-like coaching sessions with Marina (worth £1500)
  • All the videos to the events: Your Pathway To Wisdom, Abundance, Love, Success (worth £500)
  • 2 free tickets to Your Pathway To Wisdom (worth £800)

Aside from the online monthly calls we have as a group there are also 4 live events included in the program that will take you down the path to your effortless lifestyle.

If you decide to take the online ONLY option, you will have access to these events via our membership site that will allow you to do the work in your own time.

These events will transform stress in these specific areas into feelings of peace and effortlessness.

Each of these live events are part of the Effortless Lifestyle Program:

This 2 day event is about leaving the stress of self doubt behind you. Instead, you will gain powerful insights so you leave knowing that you are much more powerful than you had ever considered yourself to be. As well as being able to manifest whatever you want in your life effortlessly, you will see that wisdom is the ultimate leverage point in creating a successful business and lifestyle. You will leave knowing that you are the person you have been waiting for.
This 2 day event is about leaving your money worries and stress behind you, and dissolving any blockages you have in creating it, so you can create as much of it as you want. This event is about turning your money tap on, so that money no longer controls you. You will leave knowing that you can charge what you are worth and at peace.
This 2 day event is about falling in love with yourself, to transform the relationship around you. Being of service to others no matter what you are doing and in whatever area of your life its in, can only create more love, respect and harmony with others. You will leave knowing that LOVE is the truth and that you are good enough.
This 2 day event is about leaving your fear of failure behind you, as well as letting go of the comparisons to others that will hinder you from creating the success you want. This event is about redefining success, so that you feel successful more of the time, while creating the results you want.

I highly recommend Marina’s Effortless Lifestyle Program. I have gone from being in a constant state of overwhelm, pressure and anxiety to an incredible place of peace and clarity. I am able to make better decisions and focus on what I really want rather than being driven by fear. I have seen tangible results in both my businesses that are now thriving and the opportunities keep multiplying!


If the programme sounds like something that you would like to be part of and resonates for you, then lets schedule an appointment. This is AN APPLICATION ONLY COURSE as I want to make sure you are eligible and a good fit for the course as I only work with with mamas/women in business who want to say YES to themselves.

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