Why Taking Time Out is the Key Component to Growing Your Business Effortlessly

I was just have a conversation with someone today about how important it has been for me to take time out of my business for quiet reflection, which in my mind is about caring for our body and mind. About 3.5 years ago I would have thought you were bonkers if you had told me that taking time out of my business would actually help it grow. I was stuck in the there is ¨no time trap of thinking and now see that this way of seeing life was stopping me from stopping to smell the roses.

Now there is nothing wrong with taking action. Taking action is awesome. But for us doers out there (and I am one of them) my challenge has always been to spend more of my time in quiet reflection and taking pauses in my day. Now, that is not to say you have to spend x amount of your day in quiet reflection in order to get the results you want, but have you considered that looking after yourself and listening to your body isn’t in fact a waste of time? In fact it can save you a whole bunch of time.

Say what?

Have you ever considered that exponential growth on the outside comes from the space you are on the inside? In other words, our best ideas usually come when we are not thinking about the very thing we are stuck in. Its counter intuitive isn’t it to think that I need to take time out to give myself more time. How does that even work? Creative ideas come to us when we least expect them right?

But are we more likely to hear them if we are in a quiet reflective place or running from pillar to post? In my own personal experience its been so much easier to hear what I need to hear and when I need to hear it in a much shorter amount of time if I take the time I need. And creative ideas by their very nature are not linear. They jump the boundaries of time and this is where innovation and exponential growth comes into play. When you have an insight..boom! The path is clear for you to see where you can go and what you need to do next. So why not give yourself the permission to be and play to still grow your business with less effort?!

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