Why did you start your business? Did you start it out of insecurity or out
of inspiration?

Having worked with many mothers and women in service based businesses I have seen that there are two types of groups as to why they started their business in the first place.

The first is born out of insecurity and the second is born out of inspiration.

The first is the one that wont save your business. In fact, it’s this WHY that will have you feel that you never have quite enough sales, that you never have money coming in, that you never have quite enough of anything.

For some, I see that it’s a reality on paper, and for others I see that even with a 20K month, they never have quite enough of anything, and need to make more to feed the beast that they started in the first place.

I don’t say this to criticize, I know this situation very clearly as that used
to be me.

When you start your business out of insecurity, what you are really saying is that you want to create a business to cover up the story that you are not enough. So you are constantly looking for the results of your business to prove that you are.

And when these results don’t live up to your expectation what happens?

You beat yourself up and you run around in a blind panic with stress permeating through your life because somewhere deep down you have taken on the belief that if you were enough, the results would show.

So the fact that you are not getting the results you have set for yourself, says something about you not being enough…

But this isn’t true.

You are enough with or without your business. You are enough with or without the results you have made up.

Your clients say nothing about your self-worth, or your results.

Ironically, the minute you can see through the beliefs you have created for yourself, it’s this moment that your business will start generating the results that you have dreamed about.

Once you can see that you don’t need your business to say anything about who you are, the results will just start showing up effortlessly.

So the question I want to leave with you today is this, are you ready to swap the insecure WHY with your inspirational WHY to see the results shift?

To your increasing feeling of effortlessness

All my love,

Marina x