Welcome to today’s WOW moment, which will help you to lessen the amount of times that you practice this weird and wonderful behaviour of being way too hard on yourself, so that your quality of life improves as well as your energy levels.

In today’s WOW moment I am going to share the 3 things you need to understand about beating yourself up that will help you to bounce back from it more quickly and give you more vitality. Vitality is definitely a factor in sustaining you in whatever you are doing to make you have a better quality of life.

No. 1 – You are NOT your thoughts

Often when we beat ourselves up we believe what the thoughts are saying. However, we are not the content of our thinking. We think, yes, but we are not the thinking. It’s the fact that we think that is the key. If you are not your thoughts then it would suggest that whatever you think about yourself isn’t who you are. At one point you knew that your thoughts were not who you are. However over time you may have come to believe that you are what you think and this just isn’t true.

When I was pregnant with my son, I was lying in bed one night listening to my own breath and a question popped into my mind.

Who am I when no-one knows where I am or what I am doing and I am just lying here?

And the answer I got was very unexpected. All I heard was

I AM.”

I sat waiting for the answer and didn’t hear anything after it, when it suddenly dawned on me –

Oh anything I put after the I AM is a just another belief and construct! It’s not true!

Wow Moment 10 - You are not your thoughts

No. 2 – Your thoughts are transient

Your thoughts are not fixed – they come and go like clouds in the sky. As one of my client’s Louise recently shared with me “Just as the feeling comes, the feeling goes.”

And this is how it works. Just as you might find yourself caught up in blaming and shaming yourself in one moment, you find yourself being quiet the next. And that’s just how it works. This means that you don’t need to worry that you will feel the way you do forever as you WON’T! For example, have you ever wondered why one day you fall asleep in a really bad mood and the next day you are in a totally different head-space? That’s because the dark clouds have moved on and in their place you experience the blue sky.

No. 3 – You are okay no matter what

Even though you may feel shitty, unconfident and hopeless doesn’t mean that you are. Who you really are is okay no matter what. And when I am talking about who you really are – I am talking about your soul. Just like on a cloudy day you cannot see the sun, doesn’t mean the sun isn’t there behind them.You are the sun – whole and intact. Your feelings/thoughts are not who you are so who you are cannot be touched by anything of this world.

For example, when I was going through my divorce and was having a whole bunch of feelings and thoughts come up I honestly thought that what I was feeling was me. But then my mentor turned around and said, “Your true self is already healed.” What I heard in that was that the self that is truly who I am cannot be hurt or ever broken. And just like that I came back to my centre.

In short, you don’t need to take your beating up so seriously as it’s not who you are and as who you are is infinite and invincible then just like with turbulence on a plane, it will level itself out.


Listen to this every time you are back into the beating myself up thought pattern. I promise that if you do this over time you will spend less time in the beating yourself up thought pattern and enjoy your life so much more! Share this resource with others if you have found it useful so that you too can spread the effortless love.

To your increasing effortlessness and freedom

Marina x