First of all, may I wish you a Happy International Women’s Day!…….

“I just don’t have enough time!” I hear this so often from mums and women who run businesses in the accounting and tech industries. In actual fact it doesn’t matter what industry you are in, the “I HAVE NO TIME” reality is rife everywhere.

In today’s WOW MOMENT I am going to be sharing 3 ways in which you can add more time to your day so that you can be more effective and give yourself the permission for the break that you need.

I know what its like to work, work, work and when your day is done work some more! I used to work 18-hour days and as an overachiever I would let myself work more if I could! I look back on that now and cannot quite comprehend how I used to do it, which is why I do what I do now which is help women like yourself to create more space and time so that you can have a much better quality of life than the one you are living today.

Today I am going to help you discover how you do have enough time but you just need to check where you have time leaks!

1. Track what you are spending your time on

All to often we don’t track what we are spending our time on. I have an amazing VA who tracks her time and at the end of every month she tells me what she has done and what she has spent her time on. When we don’t track time, like when we don’t track where our money is going we have no understanding where we are spending it!

If we don’t know where we are spending it then we cannot re-allocate our time for other things.

For example, a client of mine who runs a number of pet stores started to track her time, as she couldn’t understand why her business wasn’t growing as fast as she would like. So she started tracking her time and suddenly realized where the problem lay.

2. Identify what your time leaks are

As you track your time you can start to identify where your time leaks are. We all have them! (Those moments you go on Facebook, or that moment you speak to someone who loves to talk to you and take up your time) Whatever time leaks you have if they are not identified you won’t be able to plug them up!

As my client started tracking she realized that she was spending 70% of her precious attention on JOVEMPA – the associations for young business owners, this was taking up so much of her time that it had taken her focus away from her business.

3. Re-allocate your time leaks for income generating activities.

Now that you know what your time leaks are you can now re-allocate that time for you to focus on your income generating activities. When you can squeeze more time out of the time you already have then you can make conscious decisions about what you will say yes to and no to.

For example my client made a conscious decision to re-allocate her time back to her business so she said NO to JOVEMPA and passed the role of presidency onto someone else. She is now focusing on income generating activities and the business has started to grow again.

In today’s WOW MOMENT you have discovered the importance of tracking your time, checking for time leaks and how to re-allocate your time to income generating activities.


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Even by just taking this small step, you will be well on the way to having those extra hours in the day you yearn for!

To your increasing effortlessness and freedom

Marina x

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