In todays WOW Moment I am going to be sharing with you 3 secrets that will help you to slow down before you are stopped by something drastic that will make you slow down!

In last weeks WOW MOMENT I alluded to the fact that if you keep pushing and doing when your body is telling you to rest, that at some point it will lead to burn out, unless you find a way to sustain yourself. This week I am going to help you discover 3 ways you can help yourself to slow down so that you are not made to!

SECRET no 1 – REALISE: The secret to any change in behaviour is to realise you are doing it! If you are taking calls at night, rushing from meeting to meeting and not making time for yourself, wolfing down your food, checking your mobile every 2 minutes, propping yourself up with coffee and cannot remember the last time you actually took some time out for yourself you are definitely rushing. Just by realising that you are doing it can be a great help to decide that it’s something that you want to change!

For example, I used to schedule my calls in back to back and take calls at night, but I just don’t do that anymore. I realised that I wasn’t able to give my best to those around me and I wasn’t being as effective.

SECRET no 2 – GET CLEAR: Get clear on WHY you will benefit on slowing down and how it will help you to have the quality of life you want. When you are clear on how it will serve you making the changes will be easier.

Slow down

For example, my WHY had many reasons but one of the biggies was that I wanted to enjoy my experience of my life as I was tired of feeling so rushed by myself and making s

illy mistakes that then would take more time for me to rectify!

How will slowing down benefit you and your time?

SECRET no 3 – – MAKE ONE SMALL CHANGE: When you have realised what you need to change you may feel overwhelmed by all the changes you need to make to change the way you have been doing things until now! But you don’t need to make MASSIVE change. Just one small change can make a huge difference.

For example, I realised that if I want to get anywhere on time with m

y son in the mornings I have to dress him the moment he gets out of bed. It may seem really obvious but to me it’s made the world of difference! And another small change that I made after that was to ensure that I have everything packed and ready 20 minutes before we need to leave so we can leave on time!

What is one small change you can make today that will make a big difference to you?

These 3 simple secrets can have a profound effect

on your life by creating more time for you. By answering the questions you will see how they will dramatically shift the way you do things and start to give much more richness and depth to your experience of life.

To your increasing effortlessness and freedom

Marina x