Did you know that guilt is the number 1 reason why women/mums find it hard to take a break to stop? Over the past 5 years while working with busy women in business I have got to see that guilt is dangerous to our health if misunderstood!

My own misunderstanding of guilt had me working 18-hour days and almost reach burn out as I stopped listening to my body and what it was crying out for which was rest and play. In todays WOW moment I want to share 3 life changing insights that have allowed me to stop when I need to and enjoy my down time.

My intention with sharing these insights with you is that you stop before you reach burn out.

1. I get my best insights when I am taking time out

I don’t know about you, but my most revealing insights about my business and life come when I am not at work! They usually come when I am driving in the car, having a shower or enjoying my yoga practice!

Insights are such a key component to you enjoying your life and supplying you with the answers you need and they come when they are good and readyThe question is can we hear them?! What I have found that when I have relaxed mind that its easier to do so.

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2.When I am feeling refreshed and rested I am far more effective

About 5 years ago I hired a peak performance coach to help me accelerate my results in my business. He was coaching top athletes in their field and what I discovered by working with him was that even athletes schedule rest and recovery into their schedule to enhance their performance. So if that is good enough for them, it must be good enough for me!

For example, yesterday at about 2pm I felt I was flaking so I decided to close my eyes for about 45 minutes. And the impact of that was amazing. When I came back to the work I was doing, I got more done in less time. Now, it doesn’t need to be a nap. You can take a walk, eat lunch without your mobile on. Whatever occurs to you, will be right for you.

3. My success isn’t measured on how many hours I do but by the quality of life I have

This insight was huge for me! I don’t know about you but I have been educated to think that the longer I work, the more I would get rewarded for it. However, this model of thinking doesn’t work if you run a business, right? However this

mindset was running the show in terms of how I was coming to my work life (I was working 18 hour days!) However, this no longer is the case as I measure my success by the quality of life I have. Seeing this as a truth already has changed my decisions. For example, the other day I opted to not work in the morning and enjoy spending the morning with my new man shopping at the local market instead.

Guilt is letting you know about thought in the moment and not about your circumstances or you taking time out. By really seeing that taking time out is ESSENTIAL to my well-being and gives me the stamina to run the business, taking time out is no longer a problem and I plan by time out now in advance!


If you haven’t already downloaded 3 Secrets to Guilt Free Living audio, to ditch your guilt and enjoy your downtime, you can do so here

Living guilt free will not only make a massive difference to you, how you run your business but also to your kids and loved ones.

To your increasing effortlessness and freedom

Marina x