I don’t know about you, but when I first started my business, I worked all hours under the sun to just sustain it! But what has been interesting is that as I have grown the business and my wonderful tribe of women has grown I found myself still working in the same way! I was stuck in sustaining the business even as it grew and what I have got to see is that it gets to the point that you need to change the way you work for you to have a business that sustains you!

Over the past 5 years I have had the privilege to work with a number of women who have businesses that have been turning over £150k plus. And what I have noticed is that they are still stuck in the solo-preneur mindset.

Even though they have a team who help them out, they still work in the business as opposed to on it. They still charge hourly and their processes and systems are not fully in existence so they still do tasks that they could easily delegate out to a system or process, but because they have been working in the business still they haven’t had the time to implement. In the worst-case scenario, they are doing the job they don’t want to and have delegated out the very thing they love!

Does this sound familiar?wow moment 21 sustainable business

If so, here are 3 questions that really made a huge difference to me and my clients to shift from working in the business to working on the business.

Q1: What tasks can I delegate, automate and systemise so that once it’s set up I can give myself permission to remove myself?

This question will help you really drill down into what you are currently doing that you don’t need to! It will help you create more time for you to then work on the business. So often we don’t give ourselves permission to do something – we are waiting for someone else to do it for us, but I still haven’t found anyone to come to me and say “Hey Marina, permission to take time out!”

Q2: How many weeks off do I want a year and what can I put in place to make this happen?

This question will help you focus on scheduling the time out in your calendar! I had a client who hadn’t taken a holiday (time out for herself without the kids) for 2 years and when I asked her this question it was a massive revelation for her! She realised that she hadn’t ever scheduled her time out for her in the diary because she was thought she couldn’t take the time out!

Q3: What beliefs do I need to let go of so that the business can sustain me?

This question help you discover the SHOULDS you have in your head about how you should be running the business as opposed to how you want to! Beliefs limit how our life and business can be.

For example, one of my clients Georgia thought she had to be working all hours under the sun without stopping because of her fear that if she didn’t that the competition would take her market share. Once she saw that this wasn’t true and that in fact running her business the way she wanted to would in fact enhance her service and innovate how things were being done then she changed her way of working to focusing on a business that could sustain her instead!

In today’s WOW Moment I hope you can see that its possible to have a business that sustains you, that you can work on if you WANT to and give yourself PERMISSION to!


Get out a piece of paper and write down the answers to these questions and see what you come up with. There are no wrong answers and write down the first answers you hear.

By doing this you won’t only enhance your quality of life but you will also see that you no longer need to feel trapped by the business that you have built and that in fact it can totally sustain you!

To your increasing effortlessness and freedom

Marina x

Wow 21 sustainable business