Do you hate deadlines?

I used to until I had some insights about them, which I wanted to share with you in today’s WOW Moment.

I thought it would be useful to share 3 new ways of seeing dreading differently so that you have more time and energy left for things that really matter.

The key reason why these realisations about dreading deadlines are so important is because unbeknown to many, the act of dreading can take up a lot of your precious time, which in turn will make you less effective and ironically will prolong the process of getting the work finished!

If you have associated “deadline” with “dread” then you will either procrastinate because you don’t want to experience the feeling of dread and put the work off or you will be dragged kicking and screaming as you work. As a woman with a hectic and busy lifestyle I am sure that you can appreciate that your time is one asset that you want to look after and even master!

And of course as you are now at the beginning of the new year, lots of new deadlines are now generated and so I thought it would be really useful to talk about the 3 ways that you can go from dread to clarity so that your experience of working towards your deadline is easier to navigate, and so you will waste less time.

Realisation No 1: The feeling of dread isn’t letting you know about the amount of work or how you won’t meet the deadline!

Your feelings of dread don’t even know about your deadline, they only know about thought in this moment in time. The feeling of dread is just letting us know about our state of mind (our mood) and not about the date we need to get the work done by. Our feelings are always letting us know about what we are looking through and not what we are looking at.

Realisation No 2: You just don’t know how you would feel if you didn’t meet the deadline!

Often we make up scenarios in our head about what will happen if the worst thing transpires – and in this case you don’t meet the deadline! It may conjure up fears of clients shouting at you, or of you beating yourself up or worse still, not being paid which sends you off on another journey of doom. Whatever movie, you are creating about the future that hasn’t happened yet, remember that you have no idea how you will feel on that date. Whatever the outcome is it cannot give you a feeling. Feelings are generated by our thinking 100 percent of the time, so we will never know what feeling will show up when the outcome presents itself.

I am sure that there have been moments in your life when you thought you would feel a certain way but then when the situation or circumstance has happened, your experience of it has been totally different? Well, this is exactly the same.

Realisation No 3: Deadline Doesn’t Equal Dread!

Just because you are meeting a deadline doesn’t mean you need to dread it! Often in society we take on social beliefs about certain things such as “mum” and “guilt” come hand in hand, or doing something for the first time comes in conjunction with fear. This just isn’t true as you can experience being a mum without guilt consuming you and you can do something for the first time and find it fun. The same is true of deadlines. If you are someone who experiences dread, has it ever occurred to you that you could actually enjoy the work?


Now you have these 3 realisations to hand as reminders of what your dread is really saying and how your feelings are not related to the outcome, I invite you to write down the 3 realisations on a sticky note and stick it somewhere you can see it as you start working towards your deadlines!

I know this might look like a simple email with reminders on it to help you with your day to day relationship to your work, but in actual fact this is so much more….it’s an opportunity for you to take the small steps to have a quality of life beyond your wildest dreams, and create more time and space for the things you really care about.

If this has been really useful to you, please do share this with other women that you know that it could help!

To your increasing effortlessness and freedom,

Marina x