Do you really own your business?

Now I am sure the answer will be “Yes I do!

However, when I dig a little bit more with some of my lovely clients, we find out that they don’t which is why they are rushing, stressing and finding no time for themselves.

By the end of today’s WOW moment you will know whether you really own your business or not and what you can do about it if you find out you don’t!

Wow Moment 7

So what do I mean by owning your business?

You may own it from the standpoint of being your own boss and being the founder of it, however are you really calling the shots or are money and clients doing that for you instead? What I am really talking about here is –BOUNDARIES!

Here are 3 statements that will help you identify whether you own your business or not.

1. You pick up the phone or write an email to your potential client on your time off because you worry that if you don’t they will go elsewhere.

Answered YES – your clients own your business.

Answered No – you own your business

2. You take on clients you would much rather not take on because you NEED the money.

Answered YES – you don’t own your business as you are at the mercy of your worry.

Answered NO – you own your business

3. You are at the beck and call of your clients, which compromises your downtime.

Answered YES – you don’t own your business as you are in people pleasing mode

Answered NO – you own your business

So now that you have identified who owns what, I am sure you are wondering what to do about it?

Well in next week’s WOW moment I will be sharing what you can do to fully own your business so that money and clients don’t run you into the ground so that you make your boundaries strong!


Celebrate the fact in The Kickass Effortless Women In Business Group by sharing your experience of doing this small and yet very powerful exercise! Getting real with yourself about who really owns your business, is a MAJOR step in the direction of making your life more effortless and creating that awesome quality of life you want!

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I also really want to acknowledge the fact that you took action this week by giving yourself time for this WOW moment. Even just by doing this this week you are already ahead of the curve in terms of creating more time and space for you!

To your increasing effortlessness and freedom

Marina x