So in my last blog I helped you identify whether you own your business or not, in this week’s WOW moment I am going to support you in making the changes you need to fully OWN your business in a way that feels effortless!

And by the way if you missed last week’s WOW moment I encourage you to go back to it as this week’s WOW moment will make it all the more powerful!

Over the past 5 years I have made some serious mistakes when it has come to NOT owning my business and right now I have to say that as my focus is my quality of life I have stopped compromising on my lifestyle!

So if you don’t already know me..

Welcome, I am Marina Pearson – otherwise known as The Effortless Lifestylist – revolutionising the lives of busy women and mums in business allowing them to BE, stress-less and live guilt-free.

By the end of today’s WOW moment you will have 3 ways to take back the control of your business if you want to create more time and money without compromising your lifestyle!

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Way 1 – For that moment you are tempted to answer a call or email on your precious down time.


I know this may sound really simple, but it works as it stops the temptation of picking up the phone and replying straight away to a potential client’s email.

Now, if you are reading this and thinking, but won’t my potential clients want to go off to the competition?

Well, here is the thing, if they really want to work with YOU, they WILL wait. It’s human psychology 101 that the less available you are, the more people will want to work with you. Clients worth working with will wait and will value you more if they see that you hold your own. The only thing that has you being in knee-jerk reaction mode is FEARFEAR that they will go elsewhere. In fact, what we fear isn’t that they will go elsewhere it’s how we will feel if they do.

And here is a little secret – you won’t know how you feel if they do, your feelings cannot come from your circumstances but from 100% of our thinking in the moment and do you really want to start as you mean to go on? i.e. showing these potential clients that they can call you at whatever time?

I got my client Ella to do put a simple auto-responder to her email saying that she would respond to her emails 24 hours later and instead of losing clients she has actually made more and of the right sort.

Way 2 – For that moment where you want to take on a client just for the money.



Yep. If you have ever taken on a nightmare client, you will know the headaches that this has come with. Now if you have never had to do that..GREAT! But in my experience it’s not worth it, believe me I have been there and I promise you it’s a HUGE HUGE time-waster for them and you.

Why would you want to have clients that you don’t like, or you really cannot serve to the best of your ability? Now, if you are worried about the money, not taking them on, will save you time and money.

Whatever business you are in, dealing with wrong clients doesn’t get you the testimonials you deserve, the time spent with them could be time spent with someone else who you can really help and it stops the REFUND situation from happening! (If you have them)

So why hand over to the competition? Well, it’s amazing when you come to business with a collaboration mindset! You will be amazed at what happens when you do. Those people you sent to that competitor will thank you forever as you really helped them and passed them onto someone that could do the job you couldn’t (or don’t want to!) AND you can earn money from it too (kickback structure) where you get a commission or intro fee – if that’s what you want to do.

You may even find you have others doing the same for you! I promise you there is enough money to go around and if you don’t feel like there is, don’t worry, got a whole load of content coming soon to help you do away with the scarcity mindset!

I have done this many times, I cannot tell you how often I have had referrals come back to me out of the blue!

Way 3 – For that moment where your people-pleasing nymph wants to come out and play.

So you got the client and now it’s down to you to manage how you are in the working relationship.


People are begging to be lead whether they know it or not, when you call the shots of how you want the working relationship to be they will follow! It instils confidence and positions you as the expert in your field regardless of what industry you are in. It’s for this reason they will have more respect for you if you are upfront about your non-negotiables! What you are not willing to do!

For example, when I sign up new clients I now have a contract in place that stipulates what my role is and what their role is, what I am willing to do and how I like to work.

I won’t take calls in the evenings give refunds after 30 days and I will charge them for a session if they don’t cancel 48 hours before. I have found that by putting these boundaries in place my clients are far more committed to me, the process and I am much happier!

So just a quick recap in terms of you fully owning your business to have more time and space! Make your potential clients wait so you become more attractive, say no the potential clients you cannot help and pass them on to others for a fee if that resonates and finally LEAD! Tell clients how you wish to work and get an agreement from them.

Yes this may all feel very uncomfortable but doesn’t mean it won’t work and that it’s not the right direction to go in. Fear is the feeling you feel now that says nothing about the future as you wont know how you feel then!


Next step? Is to action one of these for yourself NOW! Whichever one makes the most sense to you. You may find you want to action them all (which is bloody awesome!)

I promise you that if you do even one of these that this will add more time to your day really feel that you are OWNING your business and coming from that place of power that I know you have. Owning your business is FREEDOM as you are really calling the shots.

To your increasing effortlessness and freedom

Marina x