How often do you set goals that seem to add more stress into your life than save it?

I would say that about 70% of my clients are setting goals that are toxic (I will go onto explain what I mean by that in a bit) and unattainable. By the time they come to me they share that they feel like they are on a hidden hamster wheel that they cannot get off and that they feel like a failure because they don’t reach their goals and are beating themselves up for not having achieved them.

Sound familiar?

Well if it does and you are one of these women who has a set of goals that seem to stress you out and want this to change, stay with me!

Over the last 5 years I have come to the conclusion that there are goal-setting strategies that will elevate your quality of life and ones that won’t and on today’s WOW moment I want to share with you 3 ways will help you manifest your goals effortlessly!

Now that we have got that out of the way let me share the 3 Ways To Effortlessly Manifest Your Goals Like a Boss by sharing my ITV This Morning Story With you.

A Chance Meeting With A Journalist

In March 2015, I found myself watching an episode of ITV This Morning and thinking to myself, wouldn’t it be fun to be interviewed for this show. I then went on about my day forgetting that I had had that thought even pop into my head. Little did I know what would come of it! In May of that same year, I found myself on a retreat in Lanzarote. At the time I was still breast-feeding my son and wasn’t sleeping at all well because he would still feed during the night. On one of the breaks I went for a cup of coffee and checked my email. And there in my in box was a message from a journalist who I had met years ago at a meeting in London asking me whether I wanted to be interviewed about infidelity on ITV This Morning??!

In that moment, my insecurity took over and I couldn’t see how I was going to fly to London for the next day when I was supposed to be breast-feeding my son still. In that moment I told her I couldn’t go as I was on a retreat in Lanzarote and passed up on the opportunity. I told my ex-husband what I had done and he told me that I couldn’t pass up on this extraordinary opportunity. In that moment I realised that he was right and wrote back to let her know that I would do it. Over the next few hours the show changed their minds about the content they were going to use so the plan changed at least 3 times. But at 3pm I was told it was on!

A Ticket To Fly

In a flash I booked a ticket and found myself going off to the UK to be interviewed for the next day. Luckily I had bought some formula milk for our son and so he was free to be with his dad and I was free to be interviewed nationwide. I arrived at about 1am and was picked up by a taxi and taken to the hotel. In the morning the channel paid for me to get into London. The next thing I knew I was being made up. A few moments later I was ushered into the studio and was interviewed by Amanda Holden and Philip Scofield. I was then picked up by a taxi, taken to the airport, got back on a flight to Lanzarote to finish off the retreat in style!

What I learned from this experience (and quite a few others) about manifesting goals was this.

Way 1 – Clarity On What You Want For You

In each instance of manifesting what I have wanted, I have done so by having real clarity on what my heart really desired. It wasn’t about anyone else and what anyone else had but what I really wanted. Often we can create goals that belong to other people. We want them because we think we SHOULD have them. For example, I have

a client who thought she SHOULD be healthier and looked to the outside to see what she should be doing as opposed to her doing her own version of health!

Way 2 – Don’t be attached to the outcome!

I was in no way attached to the outcome! I honestly had nothing on this outcome. I just thought it would be fun! At that point I understood that a goal cannot make me happy, I can be content with or without it so whether it happens or not is of on consequence! If you have found yourself saying “Once I have accomplished this then I will feel…happy!” This would suggest that you wont be until its accomplished and your security and well-being depends on it but it doesn’t!

Being detached is knowing this simple and yet profound truth. Your feelings are only ever coming from 100 % of your thinking in the moment and not from the goal itself.

How could they? You created the goal in the first place! It came from you!

Over the last few years as I have deepened my understanding of how life works I have got more quiet. Less interference.

Way 3 – Let The Universe Do Your Heavy Lifting

I know this may sound woo-woo (and it is!) But yet when I have let the universe do the heavy lifting I have seen miracles happen! What do I mean by the universe doing the heavy lifting. Know that whatever your intention is that connection will have someone hear the call!

We are built for connection. Like those moments when you are about to reach out to a friend but they reach out to you first or those moments you are thinking of someone and they contact you.

This is how it works! So just know that whatever you want is already happening for you!

In this case I met the journalist years ago who met me at the meeting who put me forward! I didn’t actively have to go seeking her to make it happen, it had already happened.

So just to summarize the 3 ways to manifest your goals like a queen is to-

1) Get clear

2) See that your feelings of happiness are not linked to your goal

3) Let the universe do the heavy lifting and ask for help


Write down what you want and just get on with your life! Forget about it and let the universe do the heavy lifting.

Your dreams are worth bringing into being and just by taking this one small step can really help to put what you want to put into action.

To your increasing effortlessness and freedom

Marina x

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