5th - 6th March 2016 

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Why Strive for Success, When You Can Experience It Right Now?  

"Release Yourself from The Fear of Success and Experience Immediate Relief From The Demands and Stress You Are Feeling to Reach Success Today. "

For many years, I was barely making ends meet as a coach and a trainer. I was one of the thousands of coaches who was barely making a living to support myself from what I was earning. In fact, I invested over £60,000 in my business and NEVER saw a penny back, and with that: I was s oready to quit.

I wasn’t getting the speaking engagements I wanted and I wasn’t making a difference. Instead, I was stressed out and wishing that I was someone else, leading a more successful life. I felt like I had failed and couldn’t understand why all the outside help and advice that I had received from so-called experts wasn’t working for me or my business.

I had been on all the money  and sucess courses, seen a lot of experts and yet the only thing that seemed to happen was that I would spend more money in the hope that it would give me the financial and success reward I so desired, only to find that it couldn’t.

So I know what it's like to perceptively feel well-off but to feel that there just isn’t enough. Then I had an insight and , everything changed for me.. 

Since then...

I have given THE FIRST groundbreaking TED TALK on the principles behind effortless living.

I have nurtured a business that sustains and nurtures me.

I have become clear on the lifestyle I want and moved to Bali and most recently to my dream home in Javea Spain.

I ONLY work 3 DAYS A WEEK and take a lot more time off for myself and to spend with my little boy Leo 

I am inspired daily and am enjoying the journey vs the angst that comes with getting to a destination of success.

And if that wasn’t all enough – I no longer worry about money running out and I can only ever see more flowing to me! I can truly say, with my hand on my heart, that I am living the dream NOW that I had always imagined living YEARS down the road without all the hard work and stress.

I was asked the other day: “If I had all the time in the world and money, what would I be doing?” And the answer was easy – I would be doing what I am already doing! I wouldn’t change a thing.


Because I discovered and my pathway to success and I want to help you do the VERY same thing in this two day live event. 

Calling all Stressed Out Entrepreneurs, Hard-Working Professionals and Overwhelmed Transformational Workers

You Are Not Alone

Take a journey with me over two interactive days into a world of success without the stress. Be FREE of striving and learn how to free up your time to create cushions of money, love and fulfilment without losing your mind in the process.

Explore the Effortless Perspective of Life

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Live Event  



Define Success On Your Own Terms 

Live Stream 

Connect to your Innate Wisdom and the commercial transformation you seek to create. Define what an successful life means to YOU and then get real  clarity on the steps to make it happen!

Understand Why the Alignment of Your Life, Business and Bank Account

Doesn't Need to Be a Stressful Experience


Understand how you can get out of your own way to begin living a life you are in awe of and learn how to create time for family and the things you love. Get past the mindset of either/or. Have it all and enjoy the process of creating it!


Explore the possibilities of an effortless mindset at your leisure. Enjoy access to the Pathway Events Facebook Group and meet others in business who, like you, are seeking solace from the noise of the business world and a busy lifestyle and the striving to survive lifestyle. 


Time to Reflect

Are you allowing yourself to consider the possibilities of creating space to reflect and create, enhancing and sustaining what's needed for a fruitful and productive lifestyle? 

So you can enjoy the fruit of your labour.

Better Results 

Working smart need not mean working hard. How would it feel to work smarter to create an income for you and your family without the compromise of your peace of mind?

Freedom From Guilt 

Can you imagine having more moments with the precious ones you love, without pangs of guilt and anxiety about leaving your business for the day and what its costing you?

Join Us and Experience

Re-Create the Deadlines. Plan Your Steady Growth. Get Over Having to Juggle and Encounter a World that Supports Your Dream vs Hindering It.

The Effortless Lifestyle way has been amazing. I have gone from "When I achieve x, I will receive y" which had me stuck in a fruitless loop for 10 years. This has lead from not making any money in my business with no leverage, to becoming a Guinness World Record holder, creating some incredible fruitful contacts, flying business class to beautiful places around the world while spending time with close family and friends.

Caroline Ainslie - Founder of Bubbly Math UK

You No Longer Need To Fear The Criticism and Judgement of Others.

There is a Better Way to Experience Living the Business and Lifestyle You Want.

About Marina 

Hi I am Marina, 

 Mama to baby Leo and wife to my husband Marc, I am also the No.1 best-selling author of the multi-award winning book Goodbye Mr Ex. One of the ways I make a living is by supporting professional women and female entrepreneurs to transform all types of stress into effortless results by living through my coaching practice and joining live events.

I am an international speaker who has spoken at Ted X London, in Florida and Singapore to more than 400+ entrepreneurs. 

I have been where you are and can proudly say I have walked my talk, having overcome a 10-year eating disorder, two suicide attempts, divorce, drug and alcohol addiction, and two failed businesses where I poured thousands of pounds into investments and businesses that didn’t work. I can say confidently that I have an embodied understanding of being a mama and an entrepreneur. Through all that learning I have made it my mission to share this knowledge freely with my clients and peers via my now flourishing coaching practice. 

Today I can say, I know first hand that acknowledging, listening and trusting the wisdom that we have inside of ourselves is the most important ingredient to living an effortless and peaceful life, and I now invite you to experience that very same self-renewal; to listen, trust and reclaim back your self-confidence to experience bliss from the inside out. 

Over the years I have developed a reputation for catalysing busy and stressed entrepreneurs and professionals out of their stress and struggle into effortless results, so they leave feeling at peace and free. Enabling them to create the results they want in an effortless way.

Today I feel tremendously grateful to present the very same opportunity to you!

It Has Never Been Easier to Transform Your Feelings of Stress into Effortless Living

  • Waking up every morning with complete gratitude. You are now serving clients you love and who love you, while wondering how you could have ever worried about not creating the dream life you NOW live.
  • Wondering how you could have ever worried about becoming successful or fearing you were not enough because you are now experience an effortless overflow!
  • Spending the time you have always wanted with your family,  friends and loved ones putting your children to bed, taking them to school, playing with them in the park, as well as creating incredible memories with the people you cherish the most.

Are You Ready to Change How You Feel About Success and Achieving it ?

Experience ....

  • Discover the TRUTH about success and what money is really for. So that you can align yourself to your desires instead of struggling and stressing  to create what you want.
  • See that your well-being  is NOT linked to your finances, the approval of others or even your own judgments about yourself.  So that you can BE more of an impact effortlessly.
  • Deeply explore what success is for you so you can have it NOW vs forever running to an imaginary success destination.
  • Un-earth the difference between goals that will re-pel what you want vs goals that will allow you to attract what you want in your life and business effortlessly.
  • Create your lifestyle vision and roadmap unique to you. Once you become clear on what are non-negotiables for you, There is BUT one choice and that is to ENJOY the journey!
  • You will free unravel the myths around Money / Spirituality / Purpose Double-bind that keeps so many people from making a great living doing what they love.
  • Get clarity on what your abundant and successful  future holds for you so that you can manifest it effortlessly.
  • Fall in love with yourself and who you are. So you can finally feel deserving of what you want for yourself and loved ones.
  • Start taking inspired action, versus “having or should” actions so that you have endless energy to enjoy what you want.
  • Relieve yourself of your money pressures and your commitments to having to generate more – which is never enough – so you can be at peace and let go of the worry.

This 2 Day Course will reveal The Missing Link to Creating Exactly What You Want and More!

During Your Pathway To Success you will:

Betty - Mother and Founder of Expat Fairs 

“So it’s been a month since the event that Marina hosted. Such beautiful feeling of ease & lightness that I’ve had resonating within me since then. I’m enjoying pausing to feel how things resonate , observe what I see & most importantly listen what I hear within. I had a beautiful moment of wisdom soon afterwards I decided to go part time at work – that way I can make space & devote more time in doing what I live most – Ear Acupuncture, Addiction Support work, Relaxation Therapy & Laughter Yoga – perfect solution & such an easy decision after many months of deliberation & feeling mega stressed.

Jacyee La Bouche, Entrepreneur

It really is possible to have an effortless lifestyle that gets results while balancing family and work. Through the insightful 121 sessions I had with Marina, she helped me to see what truly makes me happy and calm. In short I realised that my effortless lifestyle is about spending time with my son, taking time off work and less in the space of "my achievements define me". If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the amount of work, duties and responsibilities you have as a woman, wife, mother or daughter. If you find it hard to switch off and want to find that ‘Calm’ moment, then Marina is the right person for you.

Take a Look at How the Principles Behind Effortless Living Has Been Changing Lives 

There No Longer Needs to be a Choice Between

 Life , Work  or Contentment

You CAN Have Them All and Be SUCCESSFUL NOW!

Free Yourself from the Burden of Comparision 

Right now it may feel very much like a "this or that" scenario. As you work with me over the course of two days, start aligning your work and financial plans in a way that feels right for you and your family. 

Stop Being Paralysed By Your Own Judgments 

Learn how to trust your own intuition to create the lifestyle and experiences you want. Find out how to trust your inner compass to guide you to what works for you and stop the stress of worrying about where your next paycheque is coming from

Let Go of Your Worries Around Making the RIGHT Decisions

Uncover the principles to an effortless lifestyle that produce the results you desire across all of the areas of your personal and professional life. Let go of your worries about money, success  and your fears of not having or BEING enough

My Beautiful Son Leo 

Let me show you how to bridge the gap between life,

 being a heart centred entrepreneur and running a successful business. 

Me Speaking and Doing What 

I Love x

Myself and My Awesome Husband Marc


Envision Your Own Road Map to What You Want and   

Create Your Very Own Pathway to Success  Without the Stress!

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