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Create effortless abundance by overcoming your fear of sales

As a mama in a service based business you will know by now that sales are an intrinsic part to growing your business. But time and time again I have seen that most of my clients avoid sales conversations because they are worried about the other person saying “no” as...

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Does wasting time stress you?

A few years ago I was privileged enough to speak in front of 450 + entrepreneurs in Singapore, but i don't say this to brag - I share this with you because of the extraordinary insight I had about how much more effortless you can make your life when you don't waste...

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Are you Serving or Pleasing?

I never knew the difference between pleasing and serving. I guess because I thought they were one and the same. But I have come to see more recently that they most definitely are not! I was lucky enough to have interviewed Steve Chandler on my Effortless Lifestyle...

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