The 5 Keys To Creating An Effortless Lifestyle That Gets Results

What is Effortless Living?

Effortless Living is what is available to all of us when we stop with the unnecessary push and struggle of our minds and surrender to what is.

Effortless Living is like a cool breeze on your face on a hot and sticky summers day.

It’s the gateway to connect with your innate state of wellbeing – one of peace, calmness and clarity that is always there.

It’s an offering of slowing down to create space in your busy life to achieve more by doing less.

It’s an invitation to listen to the natural rhythm of life and surrender to its natural ebb and flow to get the results you want.

It’s an opportunity to let go of the demands and attachments that cause you stress and stop you getting the results you want, so you can drop into the effortlessness of life that is waiting patiently for you to embrace.

It’s a chance to create your own unique effortless lifestyle that will emerge when you finally say yes to owning what you REALLY want versus what you THINK you want.

Effortless Living is about awakening to what truly lights you up without any compromises.

So if you find yourself stressed out because of challenges in the areas of business, money or relationships lets connect and lets create your very own UNIQUE effortless lifestyle today.

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The 3 Keys To Creating Effortless Relationships

Summary from your blog post.

If you find yourself in a difficult relationship with someone, or find  yourself getting into difficult intimate relationships then the following keys to create effortless relationships will really help:

1) To know that no-one can make you feel anything: What I mean by this is that your hurt or sense of frustration that you think may come from that persons behaviour now or in the past can only come from one place and one place only. Your thinking in that given moment. It cannot come from their behaviour no matter how “mean” or “abusive” it may be or may have been.

Now I know that it may look that way but it cannot work that way at all. It can only work one way and one way only. From the inside. From the nature of thought taking form in that moment. By the time you think their behaviour has affected you, it’s already wrapped up in thought both conscious and unconscious. And I am not talking about the content of your thoughts, but more your state of mind – your mood.

Now for those of you who are thinking – well really? The answer is yes, suffice to say that if it wasn’t like this then everybody would react in the same way. I was asked the other day, but what of people who abuse others. Surely their feelings of hurt must come from what the abuser has done. And although it may seem that’s the case, it isn’t – otherwise everyone that has been through that experience would experience it in the same way. Some let it go on for years, whereas others wouldn’t stand for it at all.

So what if that person doesn’t want to speak to you anymore? Well in that case – you will need to make peace with your situation and how it stands. But if you can see that your happiness and well-being doesn’t depend on them opening up or them coming back to you, then you are free to okay no matter what the situation is.

MISTAKE I SEE PEOPLE MAKE IS thinking that their hurt, anger and frustration is coming from what the other person has done or is doing but it really doesn’t work that way.

Some of the implications of understanding this are

You blame the other person for what they have done or are doing

You feel insecure around them and may not speak out

You avoid connection, even though you crave it for fear of being hurt again

You fear and sabotage relationships by leaving first believing that relationships are too painful

You will seek validation from outside of you thinking that’s what you want

2) Realise that you are not responsible for how someone else thinks: Which leads me onto the next point. What if you were to see that you are not responsible for how someone else thinks? And by thinking I mean feels. As thought and feeling are part of the same coin.

You can put two people in the same situation and they will not have the same response. We all live in our own thought felt realities. IE – we think differently from one another depending on our background, history and upbringing. So it would suggest again that your behaviour is not the cause of their hurt or anger or even frustration.

Now this is not to say, that that person is not hurting – but if you could see that they too are innocently caught up in the misunderstanding of what is creating their experience, then it will be easier for you to let go of the guilt.

The mistake I see is that they think they are responsible for how someone feels  and so therefore carry the guilt around for years, regret for years that clouds who you really are – this in turn has people stay in relationships for years as they fear hurting the other person – or makes people go back because they want to appease the other person. This is especially true if you have children. I know a lot of mums who suffer mummy guilt and this understanding can liberate them from that.

Some of the IMPLICATIONS of thinking you are responsible for how someone feels are

You carry guilt with you

You may well find yourself appeasing them or feeling that you owe them something so act in that way

You keep going back to that person to make everything better








"Be the exception, be (extra) ordinary."


"No-one else is responsible for your feelings – the nature of thought is."