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Summary  On today’s episode, How Joy Can Make You Wealthy, Lynn Hord joins us to discuss how we can embrace playfulness and curiosity to light up with insights and creativity. We look at how we can all plan more joy in every single day no matter who we are, or what or...

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Wow Moment #1: I’ve Had Time For Reflection

Heya as I was sitting at home staring out to the blue, cloudless sky after a hectic weekend spent with my friends and one of my son's closest friends, I decided to take time for reflection on the last year. And as you can see from the photo I have this amazing wise...

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Worrying About What Others Think is Killing Your Business

If you care what others think too much, you will want to control how they see you, experience you and respond to you. You will want to change your behavior around them so that they like you. You will worry more about what they think, than express what you think and...

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